At the nihilistic gates of slumber and sludge, an unholy mystery deforms and degenerates not only the ones who believe, but also those who are cursed with false blessings and vapid booze.

If you transcend in nebula and haze, it´s the liquid abyss in which you will gaze and the sound you will hear, is the perversion you fear – relentless and with no drinks to spare. Dry-sober and with clear sight you will not hear what is meant to be found between the lines.

So go on and pray to your gods – they will not get you drunk.

Fill your cups for eternity and avoid the dark corners of the castle – or be prepared to go beyond all you know with the four whoresmen, the Assis With Attitude.

  • † Guitars from your fuzzy tongue †
  • † Bass from the wide halls of hell †
  • † Keys and Organs from the dead Bodies below †
  • † Drums from the Skeletonmarch †


Mention - Cover


  •    Pt. 1 10:17
  •    Pt. 2 6:43
  •    Pt. 3 16:59




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